The core purpose of the Doyle School is to ensure that: Every. Student. Grows. 

    We believe that we can help every student achieve success through a combination of a real and viable curriculum, excellence in teaching, and a structured intervention plan to help students meet the requirements of today's public school classrooms.

    The information contained on these pages will serve as a resource manual for teachers, supervisors, principals, and parents as they attempt to work with parents, learning specialists, and other school personnel to develop a program to meet the needs of the struggling learner.

    The Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) process is a primary way in which we support teachers’ and students’ needs in the general education environment. I&RS is not intended to replace traditional methods or resources for helping students to function effectively in school. Its primary focus is to align students’ needs with available resources in the general education environment.

    The I&RS Team:

    • Identifies the responsibilities of building staff who participate in the planning and provision of intervention and referral services
    • Actively involves parents/guardians in the development and implementation of the I&RS plans
    • Identifies students in need and then plans and provides appropriate interventions for those students within the general education community
    • Reviews and assesses the effectiveness of the services provided in achieving the outcomes identified in the intervention and referral plan