Ø  Register for the October/November SATs

    Ø  Update your activity resume with grade 12 activities and give your counselor a copy.

    Ø  Meet with teachers of your choice to discuss letters of recommendations. Provide them with a copy of your activity resume. Teachers will send their recommendation letters directly to the guidance office.

    Ø  Plan visits to college campuses.

    Ø  Meet with your guidance counselor to discuss your college list.

    Ø  Begin to prepare information needed for college applications.



    Ø  Continue to work on your applications.

    Ø  If you are applying for Early Decision or Early Action, send your application now.

    Ø  Register for the November SATs.

    Ø  Follow up on recommendations.

    Ø  Continue to discuss the colleges you want to apply to with your family.  Consider schools you know you will be accepted to and can afford.



    Ø  Continue filling out applications for regular admission schools.

    Ø  Have your SAT and/or ACT scores sent directly to your colleges through collegeboard.com or act.org.



    Ø  Plan on having all applications in before winter break.  This will make the second half of senior year much easier!



    Ø  Fill out the FAFSA financial aid form anytime between January 1st and March 1st (the priority deadline).  This form should be filled out online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.  Typically, students who fill this form out sooner receive more consideration for financial aid.

    Ø  Many schools require midyear grade reports.  Be sure to request this through guidance and bring in a white envelope with the school’s address on it.

    Ø  Monitor your application on the college’s website to be sure that materials are sent and received on time.



    Ø  Most colleges advise students of admissions decisions between January and April.  Waitlisted students are normally notified of a final decision in late May or June.


    Ø  If you filed the FAFSA in a timely fashion, you will receive a letter from colleges you have been accepted to that outlines the financial aid package being offered to you.



    Ø  Decide on the college you will attend. 

    Ø  Send in a deposit to the school you will be attending in the fall by MAY 1st.

    Ø  Take Advanced Placement examinations.

    Ø  Notify the other colleges that accepted you that you will not be attending.



    Ø  Request that your guidance counselor send your final transcript to the college you will attend.