• Dear Parents/Guardians of 5th grade students,

     New Jersey Health and Senior Services Commissioner Fred M. Jacobs M.D., J.D., approved amendments to the State’s immunization rules, which will require four additional immunizations for children.

    Children born after January 1, 1997 and enrolled in grade six or transferring into a New Jersey school from another state or country are required to receive a booster dose of the diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine as well as one dose of meningococcal vaccine.

     Please contact your health care provider as soon as possible to ensure that your child is in compliance with these new requirements.

    The Wallington Board of Health provides well child services (including immunizations) to uninsured Wood-Ridge residents.

    They conduct clinics once per month.  The Wallington Board of Health number is 973) 777-0318 x 213.  Please call to schedule an appointment if you do not have a health care provider.

    Please submit documentation of compliance directly to the school nurse by ON or BEFORE the first day of school September 2016.

    This is a State requirement; therefore students will not be permitted to attend school if documentation is not provided

     Please feel free to contact me with any questions.



    Maria Monda R.N.  APN-C

    School Nurse