WOOD-RIDGE, NJ 07075

    Phone #  201-933-6777  –  Fax #  201-939-0259


    Keith Lisa, Principal


                                                                                                                                        August 26, 2019


    Dear Parent/Guardian,


    It is with great pleasure that I write this letter welcoming you and your child to another successful school year.  While your child has been busy enjoying some well-deserved fun and relaxation with his/her friends and family, we at WRIS have been working diligently to prepare the school for our students’ arrival.  We are happy to report that our school will continue to offer to your child a wide range of programs and services to fit your child’s needs, both academically as well as socially. 

    In keeping our Wood-Ridge Intermediate School family well informed of the various activities and programs offered in WRIS and to provide you with the most relevant and effective means of communication, we ask that you make certain you have a valid email address and cell phone number entered into RealTime.  Additionally, we ask you to verify that you have selected the checkbox to receive alerts via email and/or text message.  I would also encourage you to stay abreast of some of the more fun daily activities going on in the school, by following me on Twitter @WRPrincipalLisa.

    For now, please note the following upcoming events at WRIS:

    • On Wednesday, September 11th, the students at WRIS will participate in a memorial service to remember all those who perished in the 9-11 attacks. Students will gather behind the school at 9:00 AM, weather permitting.  In case of inclement weather, we will conduct our ceremony in the Gymnasium.  Please have your child dress in red, white, and blue on that day to show patriotism and support for our troops.
    • On Wednesday, September 25th at 7 PM, we invite you to join us for Back To School Night where you will have the opportunity to follow your child’s schedule and meet his/her teachers.

    Please note that there will be no mailing.  Your child’s schedule and all forms are available in this email, or on RealTime. Schedules will be available in RealTime on Wednesday, August 28th.  Your login information from the previous school year has not been changed so you can continue to log into your RealTime account as you have previously done.  However, if you are unable to log into your account, please contact the main office for further assistance.  After logging into your account, you will be required to do the following:

    • Acknowledge receipt of the Internet Permission document
    • Acknowledge receipt of the Student Handbook
    • Answer questions pertaining to the release of your child’s photo, student work, and/or name.

    Note that RealTime will not allow you to proceed to your child’s schedule or other portions of the portal until the documents have been acknowledged and the questions have been answered.

    Also, please note that the following linked forms will be required to be completed.  Hardcopy forms will be sent home with your child on the first day of school.  However, three of these four forms have been attached so that you may get a head start on their completion.

    One additional form, a Contact Verification form will be sent home on the first day of school.  This form which is colored as follows should be returned to your child’s homeroom teacher as soon as possible:

    • 4th Grade (Green Form)
    • 5th Grade (Red Form)
    • 6th Grade (Blue Form)

    Please remember that education is a joint effort between the students, parents, and staff.  We urge you to join the PTA.  A sign-up form will be sent home in the coming weeks with instructions on how to join.

    I welcome you and your child and wish you a happy and healthy return.  The first day of school for students is Thursday, September 5th, a half day beginning at 8:10 AM, with dismissal at 12:28 PM.  Students will enter the main entrance on First Street or the gymnasium entrance on Second Street, where they will gather in the gymnasium and be grouped together by their homeroom teacher.  Please note that school doors will not open until 7:55 AM.

    We thank you for your continued support and we look forward to another successful year at the Wood-Ridge Intermediate School.  Rest up, make sure those summer assignments are completed, and enjoy the remaining days of summer.  We eagerly await your child’s arrival.




    Keith Lisa