Welcome to WRIS Drama Club

    All are welcome: Grades 4th - 6th

    Director: Mrs. Manolakakis (Mrs. Mano)


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    Google Classroom - class code: irnw7ul


    My email is mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org


    • Loves performing and open to learning about all different types of Theater!
    • Rehearsals: Come every other Wednesday from 2:50pm - 4pm in the  WRIS Gym.  
      • 1st Rehearsal is Wednesday, September 22, 2021. The Schedule will be posted on Google Classroom. 
    • Final Performance is Mandatory: Spring Drama/Musical Performance TBA. (May or June)
    • Trips: Pending and Optional.  To be announced.
    • Please email Mrs. Mano to let her know if you are sick or cannot stay at rehearsals.  mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org 
    • Please do not miss more than 3 rehearsals.  Need all participation to sound the best we can be.
    • Encouraged to join Vocal Ensemble (Choir), but not mandatory. Rehearsals do not conflict.
    • Please see updated schedule below!
    • Please click on the link to view my video presentation explaining an overview of my Vocal Ensemble Choir & Drama Clubs.
    • Here is the PDF of both clubs descriptions: 
    • Sign up by clicking the link: https://forms.gle/FKWHCjNqrD4R8gdv9 
    • Here is a hard copy of the sign up if you can print and hand in: 



    Here are the additional dates for Drama Club with the stars.  I need to meet with both groups 2 times a month.  There are about 60 students total and created two groups.  I can do a show meeting with you all once a month.  I will be meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays for Drama.  All rehearsals will be from 2:50pm - 4pm except for the last 2 rehearsals which will be dress rehearsals from 2:50pm- 5pm. 

    5th/6th Graders will be mostly on Wednesdays and 4th Graders, with the exception of Wed. Oct. 12th, will meet on Mondays starting in November.  Please see the updated schedule!

    5th/6th Graders Drama Schedule      4th Graders Drama Schedule
    Wednesdays                                        Mondays (Have the symbol of "*")
    October: 6                                            October: 20 (Wed)
    November: 3, 17                                   November: 15*, 29*  (*= Mondays)
    December: 1, 22                                   December: 13*, 20*
    January: 31st (Monday)                        January: 3*
    February: 9, 23                                     February: 14*, 28*
    March: 9, 23                                          March: 7*, 21*
    April: 6, 27                                            April: 11*, 25*
    May: 11,                                                May: 2*,
    May: 23*, 25 (All Grades) Rehearsal from 2:50pm - 5pm Dress Rehearsal
    May 25th Show - Check in at 6:15pm. Show from 7pm - 8:30pm.June 8: Cast Party - 2:50pm 4pm.