Please note the following homework is for the student's in my Math classes.   Please check your child's reading teacher's website for reading homework.  Also, from time to time homework assignments may change from this posting, students are responsible for writing down assignments on their homework sheets daily for most up-to-date assignment.
    Monday, November 11:
    Math Section 1: 
    Math Section 2: 
    Tuesday, November 12:
    Math Section 1: Topic 4 Review
    Math Section 2: Topic 4 Review
    Wednesday, November 13:
    Math Section 1: TOPIC 4 TEST TODAY
    Math Section 2: TOPIC 4 TEST TODAY
    Thursday, November 14:
    Math Section 1: Benchmark Review sheet
    Math Section 2: Benchmark Review sheet
    Friday, November 15:
      Math Section 1: BENCHMARK 1-4 TEST TODAY
      Math Section 2: BENCHMARK 1-4 TEST TODAY