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    The Wood-Ridge Public Schools is dedicated to providing appropriate services for students in the district who may have special needs. Our goal is to effectively service students with special needs by involving parents in the delivery system of their child's individualized education plan.
    Child Study Team
    The Child Study Team is an interdisciplinary group of professionals consisting of School Psychologists, School Social Workers and Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultants (LDTC). The purpose of the Child Study Team is to respond to appropriate referrals from teachers and parents who believe an evaluation is necessary in order to identify if a child is eligible for special services.
    Director, Child Study Team                                                                        
    Silvia Raguseo      sraguseo@wood-ridgeschools.org         201-933-6777 Ext  #5628
    School Psychologist                                                                                     
    Jessica Ardis          jardis@wood-ridgeschools.org              201-933-6777 Ext  #2470
    School Psycholgist /Shared Moonachie                                                      
    Betty Madariaga    bmadariaga@wood-ridgeschools.org    201-820-4990 
    School Social Worker                                                                                  
    Rebecca Cadena    rcadena@wood-ridgeschools.org          201-933-6777 Ext  #5629
    School Social Worker/Shared Moonachie                                                 
    Lauren Silva          lsilva@wood-ridgeschools.org              201-933-6777 Ext #2469

    LDTC-Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant                                    
    Gina Marocco        gmarocco@wood-ridgeschools.org       201-933-6777 Ext #5625


    LDTC-Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant/Shared/Moonachie    

    Lauren Morin        lmorin@wood-ridgeschools.org             201-933-6777 Ext #5630


    Administrative Assistant, Child Study Team                                            

    Nina Orsini           norsini@wood-ridgeschools.org            201-933-6777 Ext #5602


    Speech Therapists                                                                                          

    Jennifer Allen       jallen@wood-ridgechools.org

    Stephanie Avella   savella@wood-ridgeschools.org

    Ashleigh Amadeo  aamadeo@wood-ridgeschools.org


    Occupational Therapist                                                                              

    Samantha Petosa    spetosa@wood-ridgeschools.org