"La Società Onoraria Italica è un'organizzazione nazionale il cui obiettivo é di riconoscere gli studenti che hanno realizzato eccellenza nello studio dell'italiano, e di promuovere una comprensione più profonda e apprezzamento più grande della cultura e della civiltà italiana."

    "The Italian Honor Society is a national organization whose goals are to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of Italian, as well as to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of the Italian culture and civilization."


    Ms. Iannacco proudly announces the elected officers of the Italian Honor Society: 2022/2023



    Vice President:  







    These new members will have the privilege to be accepted into the Italian Honor Society for the 2022/2023 school year: 


    Nico Altamura, Gianna Gherghetta, Brooke Stellato, Louis Ng-Guyuen, Luca Gadaleta, Isabella Spina, Olivia Sancilio, Pedro Olivares, Gianfranco Gentile  

    Congratulations to all!!!! 

    Information about the Society and Recognition:
      One purpose of the Societa' Onoraria Italica is to extend recognition to outstanding students of Italian in secondary schools.
    Recognition is extended to members as follows:
    1) The certificate of membership represents a visible reward for achievement in the study of Italian.
    2) The wearing of the pin or the medal is another form of visible recognition. 
    3) An entry to membership in this honorary society will be made on the student's permanent record.
    4) The induction ceremony is a significant event honoring the new members.
    5)  The school paper should publish the names of every newly elected member.
    6) Mention should be made in the school's year book at the time of the student's graduation, perhaps under or near the student's picture.
    7) Membership in the Societa' should be noted in the student's application to college or other institutions.
    8) The framed charter with the appended names of the members may be displayed in a hallway or in the office of the foreign language department.
    *** At each graduation an award is given to the Outstanding Student of Italian in each school. The Chapter Advisor shall send the name of the said student to the President of the Societa' at least six weeks prior to the graduation date.
    This is a general guide of the activities of the Societa':
    1. Cultural:
        a. Special readings and memory recitals.
        b. Meetings with guest speakers on cultural topics.
        c. Excursions to museums, special libraries, theaters, monuments, etc.
        d. Discussion sessions on cultural topics.
        e. Viewing of films on Italy and Italian civilization.  
    2. Social:  
         a. Plan and conduct induction ceremonies and other meetings.
         b. School parties or inter-chapters parties with members of nearby schools.  
         c. Correspondences with pen pals in Italy.
         d. Outings.
    3. Service: 
         a. Coaching students in need of help in Italian.
         b. Act as "buddies" to students newly arrived from Italy.
         c. Write articles for departmental publication.
         d. Maintain display bulletin boards.  
         e.Take part in school assembly programs.  ereHere Here