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    Foreign Language

    Teacher Name Email   Courses
    Mary Vazquez mvazquez@wood-ridgeschools.org   Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish Conversation
    Ilenia Pitti Ipitti@wood-ridgeschools.org   Italian I, II, III IV,Conversation
    Joseph Mojkowski jmojkowski@wood-ridgeschools.org   Spanish II, III, IV, AP Spanish


    Teacher Name
    Victor Minnocci vminnocci@wood-ridgeschools.org   US Hist II & Honors, Current Issues, Law, AP Gov.,AP US
    Gloria Glavan gglavan@wood-ridgeschools.org   World History, World History (H), Unsolved Mysteries
    Stephanie Gaven sgaven@wood-ridgeschools.org  

    US History I & Honors, Pub. Speaking, Sociology,Holocaust

    Kimberly Forsyth kforsyth@wood-ridgeschools.org   US History II, Grade 7 Social Studies
    Pete O'Brien      pobrien@wood-ridgeschools.org  
    Social Studies Grade 8, ICS SS Grade 7 & 8
    Christopher Affuso caffuso@wood-ridgeschools.org   US I ICS, US II ICS, 1960's Women in Hist.

    Language Arts

    Teacher Name Email   Courses
    Christine Green cgreen@wood-ridgeschools.org      English IV, Honors, AP Lit., British Lit.
    Valerie Hunter vhunter@wood-ridgeschools.org   World Lit., World Lit. H, Creative Writing
    Kimberly Millar kmillar@wood-ridgeschools.org          Survey of Lit., Survey of Lit. H, AP Eng. Language
    Pete Forman pforman@wood-ridgeschools.org   Amer. Lit., Amer. Lit. H, Experiencing the classics
    Melissa Papp    mpapp@wood-ridgeschools.org   English 8 and Honors,  Journalism, Mass Media
    Matthew Bogert    mbogert@wood-ridgeschools.org  
    English 7, Honors, Writers Workshop
    Kelly Manicone    kmanicone@wood-ridgeschools.org  





    Teacher Name
    Gabriel Ben-Nun gben-nun@wood-ridgeschools.org           Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calc., Business Math, Alg. I (MS)
    Lisa Zach lzach@wood-ridgeschools.org   AP Statistics, Statistics , Geometry,Geo(H)
    Stephen Olsen solsen@wood-ridgeschools.org   Pre-Calc, Pre-Calc (H), Engineering, AP Comp Science, AP Comp Science Principles
    James Santangelo jsantangelo@wood-ridgeschools.org   Algebra II & H, AP Calc., Alg. II
    Marc Fazio   mfazio@wood-ridgeschools.org  

     Algebra 1, Geometry

    Kristine Schoenig kschoenig@wood-ridgeschools.org    Math 8
     Ryan Burger rburger@wood-ridgeschools.org   Math 7
    CoursesRobert Berger         rberger@wood-ridgeschools.org       Resource Math Robert Berger         rberger@wood-ridgeschools.org         Resource Math 
    Teacher Name Email   Courses
    Ted Colarusso tcolarusso@wood-ridgeschools.org        Biology & H, Anatomy & Physiology
    Jonathan Hassinger
      Physics &  H, Chemistry
    Keri Parry kparry@wood-ridgeschools.org   Chemistry, Physics
    Doubravka Hausner  dhausner@wood-ridgeschools.org  
    AP Chemistry,  Chemistry Honors, Forensics
    Siri Ganti      sganti@wood-ridgeschools.org    Science 7, Biology
    Jacqueline Sanzari jsanzari@wood-ridgeschools.org    Science 8, 7

    Physical Education / Health

    Teacher Name Email   Courses
    Lucia DiNapoli ldinapoli@wood-ridgeschools.org   Phys Ed, Health
    Yamil Aranda Yaranda@wood-ridgeschools.org   Phys Ed, Health, Drivers Ed.
    Andrea Marino amarino@wood-ridgeschools.org   Phys Ed, Health, Health
    Joseph Vaccaro jvaccaro@wood-ridgeschools.org   Phys Ed, Health, Drivers Ed

    Special Education

    Teacher Name Email   Courses
    Justine Thimmel jthimmel@wood-ridgeschools.org   ICS-USI, World History, SS8, Psychology
    Kristin Pepe kkarabinos @wood-ridgeschools.org   Science 8 ICS,Orton, Eng. 7 & 8 Resource, World Lit. Resource
    Coleen Kozibroda ckozibroda@wood-ridgeschools.org   British Lit. RC, American Lit. RC,Survey of Lit RC
    Robert Berger rberger@wood-ridgeschools.org   Alg. II Resource, Geo. RC, Robotics. Bio. ICS
    Kim Diaz kdiaz@wood-ridgeschools.org   ELA 8 Workshop, Amer. Lit ICS, Eng. 7 ICS,Science 7 ICS, SS ICS
    Carla Sagvay csagvay@wood-ridgeschools.org   ICS-Math 7,Physics RC, Algebra I RC, Science RC
    Alexis De Coma adecoma@wood-ridgeschools.org   Resource Math 7 and 8, Chem ICS, Alg. I ICS

    Related Arts

    Teacher Name
    Email   Courses
    Jessica Sterba jsterba@wood-ridgeschools.org   Band, His. of RR, Band 8
    Eileen Layman elayman@wood-ridgeschools.org   Tech 8/Career,  Media Specialist, Makerspace
    Melissa Manolakakis mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org     Choir, Musical Theater, Keyboarding

    Christopher Sterba



    Intro to Art and Design, Arts & Crafts, Art Gr. 8

    Debra Beck dbeck@wood-ridgeschools.org   Intro. to Business, Stock Market, Marketing Essentials, Fin. Lit., Economics, Microsoft Apps

    Erika Cifelli
    ecifelli@wood-ridgeschools.org   Culinary I/II, Bake/Event planning, Food Science and  21st Century Skills




    Teacher Name Email   Position
    Joseph LaBelle jlabelle@wood-ridgeschools.org   Guidance Counselor 7- 8
    Alina Sanchez asanchez@wood-ridgeschools.org   Guidance Counselor 9-10
    Laura Paniagua lpaniagua@wood-ridgeschools.org   Guidance Counselor - Grade 11-12