• What does it mean to be gifted? 

    Giftedness is a unique word.  A student who is truly gifted demonstrates high level thinking skills and intellectual curiosity.  The student is well rounded and can adjust and adapt to any academic setting.  Observation and evidence proves that students who possess giftedness demonstrate above average proficiency in academic areas while being creative and committed to the task at hand.  Students who are gifted have exceptional motivation and a drive to succeed.   Giftedness is also the ability to express oneself outside of the traditional methods.  It is the capacity for superior achievement in any valuable area of human endeavor. 

    Simply stated, giftedness is the perfect mix of above average abilities, personality, and drive.




    The G & T program is very different from the HP classes once offered in 3rd grade at Doyle.  
    G & T classes will not be a separate Math or Reading class.  
    Students will receive Math and Reading instruction from their teacher.
    Students who qualify will get pulled from class during specified times that do not hinder instruction during core subjects. 
    Many factors are assessed in determining a student's eligibility for the G & T program.
    Cognitive and benchmark assessment results, reading levels, enVision Math grade level readiness assessments, and teacher recommendations are all used in concluding who is eligible for participation. 
    This data will be collected and analyzed to ensure that all students who have met the necessary criteria have an opportunity to enter the program.
    The G&T program allows the identified students to work with their peers as they explore advanced concepts with breadth and depth. Students are not only receiving cognitive challenges but are also working on advancing their collaboration and problem-solving skills.  It is beneficial in that it provides the students with the vital opportunity to receive enrichment across the curriculum in specific learning units.
    I am currently hard at work collecting multiple measures of subjective data. This process will take several weeks.
    Parents of identified students will be contacted during the first marking period.
    Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions.
    Bonnie Campagna