Welcome to Physical Education!!

    A Guide for Students and Parents

    Mrs. Melanie Rose-Rella




    Mission Statement


    The mission of the Wood-Ridge Intermediate School Physical Education program is to provide students with the ability to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to achieve optimum wellness throughout their lives.


    • Students are expected to participate in all activities to the best of their abilities.
    • Students are expected to participate in a wide variety of skills and activities.
    • Students are expected to participate in activities that create the value of leading a physically active lifestyle.
    • Students are expected to enhance their interpersonal skills by displaying discipline and showing respect for each other.
    • Students are expected to participate in activities that will enhance their intra-personal skills.
    • Students are expected to FOLLOW ALL SAFETY PROCEDURES AND RULES.


    Physical Education Class Rules


      1) Safety First

      2) Respect for; Self, Others, and Equipment
      3) Listen to the Whistles (1 whistle= Go, 2 whistles=freeze, 3 whistles=come in and take a knee)

      4) Always Follow Directions

      5) Be Responsible for ALL Your Actions

      6) Have Fun and Try Your BEST




    • Upon entering the gym students are to WALK directly to their assigned space and be seated.
    • As a safety precaution students are to wear proper gym attire to class. Comfortable clothing (i.e. sweat shirt, sweat pants, sneakers) are to be worn during class. Absolutely no jeans, khakis, dresses, dress shirts, blouses, shoes, boots, open toe shoes, crocs, or uggz. This effort helps to prevent injury and promotes participation during physical activity.
    • Students are not permitted to chew gum or bring food or drinks into the gym during physical education class, unless otherwise specified for medical reasons.
    • Students must use and take care of all equipment with great care and respect (as if it were their own).
    • Students will not be allowed to participate in physical education if he or she is wearing any jewelry. This includes earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or any other jewelry which may cause harm to themselves or others.