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    Here you will find Assignments, Practice MP3's, Contracts & Schedule for the Jr/Sr High School Choral Department. Don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Mano if you have any questions or concerns.                                       

     Office: Room 109
    Email: mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org 
    Google Classroom Codes: TBA

    Choir 1 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: a2dbn5

    Choir 2 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: dp1wdzi

    Choir 4 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: yte54bc

    Music, Art and Film (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: 8foyzn 

    Choir Period A3 (8th graders) - Class code: uj26kke

    Choir Period C1 (8th graders) - Class code: 8yolfs8

    Choir Period D2 (8th graders) - Class code: c1wi8c

    Choir MP2 (7th graders) - Class code: ca3ygt

    Choir MP3 (7th graders) - Class code: f3bqqvc

    Choir MP4 (7th graders) - Class code: kkwef

    Vocal Ensemble (after school choir) WRIS 4-6Class code: wp2tvi

    Glee Club (after School Select Choir) WRHS 7-12 - Class code: 6vben0h

    Teen Arts Festival Trip 5-15-20 - Class code: kk4t08

    Some Highlights from Carnegie Hall!!!
    Here is the album of our trip: (pics and video)  https://photos.app.goo.gl/uZdSgPQYoeHLa4DP6
    Thank you to everyone for their support!
    Melissa Manolakakis