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    Here you will find information about all the classes

    & the choir club (Glee Club) Mrs. Mano teaches! 

    Read everything below!

    Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Mano if you have any questions or concerns.     

    Email: mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org       

     Office: Room 109

    Mrs. Mano’s Extra Help

    Room: 109

    Day/Time: Mondays from 2:45pm - 3:15pm;

    Except in June it will be on a Tues & Wed.  

    • FYI - If anyone in Glee/Choir is interested in a SOLO for the Spring Concert, you must attend all of March and April.  

      • I will have auditions for solos during Glee Club rehearsal April 20th 7:15am. 

      • You will audition in front of everyone if you want a solo.  Please have your solo picked out and memorized. (I will help with that during extra help)

    • March: 20, 27

    • April: 3, 17

    • May: 15, 22

    • June: 6 (Tues.); 7 (Wed.)

    All Announcements/Agendas for all Classes & Glee Club will be on Google Classroom.  Here are the codes to join!   
    Google Classroom Codes
    • Choir: 902/2 (Choir P1) - Full Year Course (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: 6eb5dys 
    • Choir: 904/1 (Choir P1 S2) - Semester 2 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: 6eb5dys 
      • (Joins Choir P1 Marking periods 3 & 4; Shares the same code)
    • Choir: 902/1 (Choir P2) - Full Year Course (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: leouxjs 
    • Choir: 904/2 (Choir P2 S2) - Semester 2 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: leouxjs 
      • (Joins Choir P1 Marking periods 3 & 4; Shares the same code)
    • Choir: 902/3 (Choir P4) - Full Year Course (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: xe5behw  
    • Music, Art and Film: 911/1 - Semester 1 (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: oasjwuv 
      • (Marking periods 1 & 2)
    • Intro to Drama: 912/2 - Semester 2  (9th - 12th Grade) - Class code: xcylzrf 
      • (Marking periods 3 & 4)
    • Choir 8 Period C1 - 900A/1 - (8th graders) - Class code: o3vke2k 
    • Choir 8 Period D2 - 900A/2 - (8th graders) - Class code: 5jhddf6 
    • Choir 8 Period A3 - 900A/3 - (8th graders) - Class code: 2vwzonx 
    • Choir 7 MP2 - 900/2 - (7th graders) - Class code: 24ojv3c 
    • Choir 7 MP3 - 900/3 - (7th graders) - Class code: u6xobrn 
    • Choir 7 MP4 - 900/4 - (7th graders) - Class code: 4qxrrc3 
    • Glee Club (Before School Choir Club) WRHS 7-12 - Class code: dqbmsbc 
    Things to Do to Join Glee Club (7-12 Choir Club)
    No Auditions!

    Glee Club Sign Up Checklist: 

    1. Show up to rehearsals:  2 times a week at 7:08am - 7:50am in room 109.  We begin at 7:10am Sharp!!!
    (Enter through the front door - Ring the bell and say "I am here for Glee".   Mr. Suro will let you in.  I will be in my room by 7:08am. We will begin  at 7:10am sharp) 

    Tuesdays - Sopranos & Altos
    Wednesdays - Tenors & Basses
    Thursdays - All Voices

    2. Join Google Classroom: Here is the link for the invite to my Google Classroom:  https://classroom.google.com/c/NTI1ODc3NDQ2NzIy?cjc=dqbmsbc   Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are welcome to join!

    3. Join Remind: Here is the link for the invite to Remind - There I will send short reminders via text.  You can text me back there too if there is a problem last min.  Parent(s)/Guardian(s) are welcome to join!    https://www.remind.com/join/ef642d6

    4. Sign up for Glee on Google Forms Here: https://forms.gle/Uj6dXsZJE3xcx9Tm6 
    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) please read and go over with your child.

    5. Glee Contract: Read, Print (or pick up a hard copy from me), sign (you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) and hand in.  
    Here are all the details of the rehearsals, concerts and trips.  It is also multiple permission slips.  All trips are mandatory. 
    Parent(s)/Guardian(s) please read, go over with your child and sign.

    6. We ask All Glee Members Parent(s) & Guardian(s) please sign into your Realtime Parent Portal to update and acknowledge the required forms and questions for the 2022-2023 school year.
    ***Required forms that need to be acknowledged to participate in Co-Curriculars:***
    • 1. Parent's Permission For the Publication of Student Work/Media Student Handbook Acceptable Use
    • 2. Co-Curricular Contract 
    • Instructions on how to answer questions and acknowledge forms: Once you log into your parent portal, on the left side click on “Parent Questions" to answer each question and hit the save button at the bottom. To acknowledge forms, on the left side click on "Documents" and click on each form for acknowledgement. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.  My email is mmanolakakis@wood-ridgeschools.org

    Looking forward to you joining!!  We have 30 students already and are accepting more.  Need more Tenors & Basses.  Invite a friend!

    Kind Regards,

    Mrs. Mano