• Computer Applications

    (Formerly Web Design)


    Course Description:

    Computer Applications is a semester course requiring highly developed skills in technology. Students will learn higher order concepts and techniques for developing state of the art websites and web applications.  These applications and techniques will empower the student to fully track the design, creation, implementation, troubleshooting, monitoring, and modification of web sites containing advanced elements such as: forms, tables, custom animation, streaming video, streaming audio, online databases, dynamic and static links, web scripts, and design elements.  Students will learn how to create websites entirely by hand-coding valid XHTML and CSS.  Students will also learn how to build a website using web-software such as Google Sites, SquareSpace, and Wix.


    This course covers advanced web design concepts and processes. Project planning, design and production skills are developed through applied projects. Advanced and dynamic methods in joining content and interactivity design are introduced. Highly structured as well as highly experimental approaches to web design will be explored in this course. This course will also incorporate social-cultural issues in hypermedia and track current technological trends.



    Bring your notebook and a pen or a pencil to class.  If you have your own laptop or headphones and wish to bring either in you're more than welcome.  I have some you can use, but not enough for everyone.