• What to Expect from College Math

    Mr. Fazio

    Wood-Ridge High School

    258 Hackensack Street

    Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075


    Email: mfazio@wood-ridgeschools.org

    Website: www.wood-ridgeschools.org

    Course Goals and Objectives:
    This course is designed to help refine and reteach mathematics skills necessary for college. The course is entirely computer based and individualized – each student works in a course suited for their needs and works at their own pace.


    • To review or introduce mathematical concepts needed for success and entry into college.
    • To improve individual study skills and independent learning.
    • To foster an environment where students learn at their own pace.  

    College Math is an online and individualized course using the Khan Academy program to meet your specific mathematics needs. Every student will be given a username and password to log in to their Khan Academy account.


    40%  Major Assessment -  Test (2 to 3 per marking period)

    30%  Minor Assessment -  Weekly quizzes on Khan Academy lessons and other handouts.

    30%  Classwork, homework and weekly assignments