• Geometry


    Topics covered

        Students are introduced to a variety of precisely stated vocabulary including basic definitions, theorems, and postulates and will incorporate them into problem solving and real world applications. Students develop the ability to write proofs based on inductive and deductive reasoning. Other units include types of geometries, conditional statements, congruence, similarity, parallelism, perpendicularity, graphing, angles, quadrilaterals, triangles, polygons, circles and three dimensional solids. The course integrates plane geometry with arithmetic, algebra, and numerical trigonometry. A variety of technologies including Geogebra are used to gather, analyze, and communicate mathematical information.


    Department Grading Scale

    40%  Major Assessment -  Test (2 to 3 per marking period)

    30%  Minor Assessment -  Quiz (announced and unannounced)

    10%  Project:  one per marking period.

    10% Classwork and Class Participation.  This includes displaying a positive interest in the classroom, providing constructive commentary, active engagement in the learning process, contributing to the academic and working atmosphere of the class, and devoting appropriate attention to teacher and fellow students.

    10%  Homework and Class preparation.  This includes all homework, bringing all necessary materials to class, being ready to participate in class discussions, and exhibiting knowledge of previously covered work.  Homework will be graded based upon teacher discretion; however, the overall grade for class preparation needs to equal 10% of the final marking period grade.



    Academic Expectations

    • There will be at least one project per marking period.  
    • Tests and quizzes will be given every week. 
    • Pop quizzes will be given occasionally.
    • Homework will be given every day.
    • Homework MUST be done every night. 


    Late Work 

    Late work is due the second day after returning from an excused absence.  It is your responsibility to show me the work when you return

    Special cases of prolonged excused absences (more than ten school days) will be treated on a case by case basis.  If the absence is not excused the work is due the day of arriving back and a penalty of one letter grade will be incurred. 




    Behavioral Expectations

    RESPECT each other the teacher and school property.

    Be in your assigned seat and ready when the bell rings. 

    Hand raised to ask and answer questions.  

    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Cell phone off and put away during class time.





    Academic Honesty 

    Students are expected to do their own work unless specifically told that collaboration is acceptable. When you take a test/quiz, you are expected to keep your eyes on your own paper, protect your test paper from being copied by a classmate, and not to have any notes or other unauthorized materials in your possession.