• 2018-2019 Events & Committee Chair People

    (All Events and Dates Are Subject to Change)


    Hospitality – All year. Helps provide refreshments at select PTA events.

    Chairperson: Nicole Buonomo


    Genevieve’s Fundraiser – 9/17/18-10/5/18 – Need Volunteers to distribute orders in Doyle & WRIS during school hours.

    Chair People: Regina Wall & Lauren DiMascio


    Book Fair –WRIS – 10/16/18 & Doyle – 10/18/18

    Need Volunteers to help set up the night before, help children shop during the day and cleanup.

    Chair people: Lauren DiMascio & Katie Scalera


    7th & 8th Grade Halloween Dance – 10/19/18 – Need volunteers to chaperone and donate snacks. Chairperson: Gina Kikkert


    WRIS Halloween Dance Gr. 4-6 – 10/26/18 – Need volunteers to help set up,donate snacks, water, chaperone, and clean up.

    Chair People: Lauren DiMascio & Katie Scalera


    Ragamuffin & Halloween Town – TBD – Details are being finalized.


    Pirate & Princess Dance Gr. K-2 – 11/2/18 – Need volunteers to donate snacks.

    Chair People: Danielle LaRosa & Lauren Bellini


    Santa Breakfast at the Fiesta – 12/1/18 – Chairperson: Zofia Celentano


    Holiday Boutique –WRIS – 12/5/18  & Doyle – 12/12/18

    Need volunteers to donate items, set up the night before, help children shop, and clean up

    Chair People: Lisa Biamonte Crea, Keri Stellato, Nicole Buonomo


    Pocketbook Bingo – 1/25/19 – One of our largest events! You don't want to miss it.

    Chairperson: Zofia Celentano


    Pre-K Social – 3/22/19 - Need volunteers to donate snacks.

    Chairperson: Melissa Crews


    Pick-A-Packet – Dates TBD – Chair People: Danielle Cata & Janet Maher


    Puttin on the Hits – 6/7/19 – Need volunteers to set up in the afternoon and help students the night of the show.

    Chairperson: Lisa Biamonte-Crea


    Class Parent Coordinators - Melissa Crews & Regina Wall