Some people think bullying happens only to little kids.  But bullying as no age limit.

    Some people think being bullies is just a part of growing up.  Being samed, hurt or made to feel unsafe is NOT acceptable at any age.



    Bullying is any mean action used to hurt, scare, or control other people.  It can be done online or in person.  It can be physical but it doesn't have to be.  Bullying can include:

    - Mean words, jokes, or rumors

    - Verbal threats or rude gestures

    - Pushing, hitting, pinching

    - making people do things they don't want to do



    People who bully use email, social media, blogs, chat rooms, cell phones and more to: 

    - Spread lies or embarrassing gossip

    - Send mean or threatening messages

    - Post embarrassng photos or images

    Online or textingm if something doesn't feel right, talk to a parent, teacher or other adult about it



    Know your school rules:  Know your rights and responsibilities around bullying and harassment

    Check out the words you use: Do the jokes you tell put people down?  If you make fun or or deliberately hurt someone, You're bullying them

    Get smart about the media: Notice when you see put-dwns, slurs, rude gesures or embarassment being used on TV, music videos, movies and ads.  Talk about these stiautons and what's wrong with them

    - Get help: If you are being bullying or you see someone else being bullies.  Tal to parents, teachers, or another trusted adult

    When you feel safe, speak out against bullying.  Encourage your friends to do the same.



    Bullying happens in all grades.  It happens in families and neighborhoods.  But bullying breaks school rules.  And in some cases it even breaks the law.

    It's against the law:

    - To bullying a particular person or group of people (hate behaviour or hate crime)

    - To make violent threats and intens to carry them out (assault)

    - To bully in sexual ways (sexual harassment or assault)

    - To force peope to hand over money or property (extortion)

    - To haze new club or team members by meaking them do risky things (hazing is illegal in many states)