• Class Structure


      1- Bring your notebook, homework, and a pen or a pencil to class. 

        ** Students should bring earbuds or headphones to class, especially TV Production.


      2- You are responsible for all assignments and upcoming assessments which are posted on the board and on Google Classroom.  Hand in all assignments on time.


      3- If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to get any of your missed assignments from Mr. Rutherford, Google Classroom, or one of your fellow classmates.  If you miss an assignment due to an absence, your assignment can be handed in the number of days later that you were absent.


      4 - Missing Assignments - It is your responsiblity to schedule a time to make up the missing assessment.

    • "ABS" - Meaning Absent 
    • "GUID" - Meaning Guidance
    • "INC" - Meaning Incomplete
    • "MIS" - Meaning Missing
    • "NURS" - Meaning Nurse
    • All codes entered mark the assignment as a ZERO until it is completed.


      5- You need a late pass if you arrive to class late.


      6-  If an assignment is late, 10 points will be deducted per day from the earned grade.  Late assignments will be not accepted if they are more than five days late.


      7-  All students must be courteous, respectful, and attentive to EVERYONE in class. 


      8 -  Please raise your hand and wait for the teacher to call on you. 


      9-   Each day as you enter the classroom, you will be responsible for completing the Do Now that is on the white board. 


      10 - No eating or drinking in class.


      11 - No cell phones.  Electronic devices can only be used for approved activities.


      12 - If you borrow a computer, camera, microphone, etc. from me, I expect it to be returned in the same condtion you borrowed it in.  If there is an issue with a piece of equipment, notify me immedietly.  Please place all laptops back on the charger so the next student can use them.



    If you have any questions, concerns, or issues I am in my room before school and after school each day.



  • Grading


    Grading Structure and Breakdown:

















    Class Participation