• Do You Know About...


    Prescription/Over the Counter Drugs


    - Bowling, Farming

    - "Robotrippin"

    - Study Drugs

    - OxyContin: $1 per mg (40 mg most popular)


    Short Term Effects:

    - Euphoric Rush

    - Depressants and alcohol can be fatal

    - Heart attack, Lethal Seizures

    - Irritability, Paranoia, Suicidal Ideation


    Long Term Effects:

    - High Risk of Physical Dependence

    - Tolerance & Withdrawl

    - Restlessness, Insomnia

    - Muscle and Bone Pain


    Performance Enhancing Drugs


    - Juice, Roids

    - Can be taken orally or injected


    Short & Long Term Effects:

    - Increases in Lean Muscle Mass and Strength

    - Liver Tumors, Jaundice (yellowing of skin and eyes), Fluid Retention

    - Infertility, Baldness

    - Paranoia, Jealousy, Extreme Irritability

    - Delisions, Impaired Judgement

    - Feelings of Invincibility

    - Disrupts the production of hormoones




    - Joint, bong, bowl, roach, skunk, weed, dutch, spliff, ganja, herb, blunt, grass, brownies


    Short Term Effects:

    - Memory or Motor Coordination Loss

    - Difficulty solving problems

    - Short term memory loss

    - Distorted Perception

    - Anxiety

    - Euphoria, Hilarity

    - Eye Irritation, Hunger, Cotton Mouth


    Long Term Effects:

    - Moderate Psychological Dependence

    - Respiratory Disorders

        - Lung Damage

        - Asthma

        - Emphysema (progressive lung disease)

    - Damage to Immune System