Homework Policy:
       Homework is written on the homework board each day, and the students are required to copy it down in planners. There is also a test bulletin board with a large calendar that lists any upcoming tests for each subject by color. The students are all given at least a week's notice prior to any test. 
       Each child starts each marking period with a homework grade of 100 (A+) in every subject.  As the marking period goes on, any missed homework assignments result in a 5 point deduction from that grade in that specific subject (a note is put into Real Time as well under the grade with the date of missed homework).  Homework alerts are filled out and sent home for a parent/guardian to sign.  The missed assignment also needs to be completed that night and handed in with the signed homework alert the next school day. Each day that the homework alert is not returned with the work completed results in another alert with another 5 point deduction. This continues until both the signed alert and the completed work is brought in. Homework is 10% of each student's marking period grade in each subject.