• Instructional Videos
    The following videos can be used to extend your understanding of Art outside the classroom and are related to topics we study in class. These videos are more aligned to the content covered in the Intro to Art class In the Jr./Sr. H.S., but may be useful to any of my students as a review of topics covered in previous years or as a way to introduce yourself to more challenging concepts. 
    *** Mr. Sterba is not responsible for, nor does he endorse, any advertisement that You Tube may attach to these videos. Parental Guidance suggested. Navigate away from the videos at your own risk.***
    Graphite Pencil Drawing Techniques 
    Positive and Negative Space
     Drawing Negative Space
     Chiaroscuro - Drawing with high Contrast
    How to make a Chiaroscuro Drawing
     Proportions, Measuring, & Sighting
     How to Draw One and Two Point Perspective

    How to use the grid method for drawing


    How to Come Up With an Idea for a Drawing


    Colored Pencil Blending Methods


    A Blending Technique for Colored Pencils


    Basic Colored Pencil Techniques


    Color Foundation with Stephen Quiller: Monochromatic Color Scheme Preview