• Topics covered

    This course provides a solid foundation in order to fully prepare students for Algebra 1 end of year state exam. Starting with a focus on integers, rational numbers and real numbers in order to set the stage for functions and their graphs as well as solving equations and  inequalities. Students will continue to expand their knowledge of problem solving as the year goes by. Real-World applications to the more abstract algebraic concepts are found throughout the course.

    Department Grading Scale

    ·       45%  Formal assessment -  Test (chapter or mid-chapter)

    ·       15%  Formal assessment -  Quiz (announced)

    ·       10%  Formal assessment -  Quiz (unannounced)

    ·       10%  Project Based Assessment – Individual grade for project

    ·       20% Homework and Classwork– weekly grade for homework and classwork completion rate

    Academic Expectations

    There will be at least one alternative assessment per marking period.  

    Tests and quizzes will be given every week. 

    Pop quizzes will be given occasionally.

    Homework will be given almost every day but Friday. (With some exceptions) 

    Homework MUST be done every night. 

    Late Work 

    Late work is due the second day after returning from an excused absence.  Special cases of prolonged excused absences (more than ten school days) will be treated on a case by case basis.  If the absence is not excused the work is due the day of arriving back and a penalty of one letter grade will be incurred. 


    Behavioral Expectations

    RESPECT each other the teacher and school property.

    Be in your assigned seat and ready when the bell rings. 

    Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Academic Honesty 

    Students are expected to do their own work unless specifically told that collaboration is acceptable. When you take a test/quiz, you are expected to keep your eyes on your own paper, protect your test paper from being copied by a classmate, and not to have any notes or other unauthorized materials in your possession.