• Meet the Teacher
         Welcome!  My name is Susan Gibney, and I teach pull-out resource/inclusion at Doyle for the 2019-2020 school year.
         A little of background about me:  
         I started teaching in the Wood-Ridge district in September of 1990.  Back then, I did pull-out replacement English and Math for grades 5-12.  Then, in 1996, Inclusion became became a popular way of reaching students with learning differences.  Therefore, I began co-teaching with a mainstream teacher in core subjects. Over the years, I have co-taught math, English, social studies and science on every grade level 5-12.  I have co-taught with dozens of teachers and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of children. In September 2014 I transferred to Catherine E. Doyle Elementary, and this is my sixth year at the grade 2-3 level.
         I am very excited to be teaching small group English/language arts and math this year.  I also look forward to providing in-class support for third grade social studies and science, and for pulling student for RTI.  
        I know 2019-2020 is going to be an awesome year!
        Please feel free to email me at sgibney@wood-ridgeschools.org with any questions you may have.