• We are beginning a new program in first grade called Reader's Workshop. This program is a new approach to foster a love of reading while teaching all of the fundamentals of reading. The program components include:

    Shared Reading: Teacher and students read text together
    • Demonstrates an awareness of text
    • Develops a sense of story or content
    • Promotes reading strategies
    • Develops fluency and phrasing
    • Increases comprehension
    • Encourages politeness and respect


    Guided Reading: Teacher introduces a selection at student’s instructional level

    • Promotes reading strategies
    • Increases comprehension
    • Encourages independent reading
    • Expands belief in own ability


    Independent Reading: Students read independently

    • Encourages strategic reading
    • Increases comprehension
    • Supports writing development
    • Extends experiences with a variety of written texts
    • Promotes reading for enjoyment and information
    • Develops fluency
    • Fosters self-confidence by reading familiar and new text
    • Provides opportunities to use mistakes as learning opportunities