• Plagiarism

          Wood-Ridge Public Schools defines plagiarism as: "stealing or use without acknowledgement of the ideas, words, formulas, textual materials, on line services, computer programs, etc. of another person or in any way presenting the work of another person as one’s own. Pupils are expected to be honest in all of their academic work. This means that they will not engage in any of the following acts:
    • Cheating on examinations, including but not limited to, the non-authorized use of books or 
    notes, the use of crib sheets, copying from other pupils’ papers, exchanging information with 
    other pupils orally, in writing, or by signals, obtaining copies of the examination illegally and 
    other similar activities.
    • Plagiarism is not permitted in term papers, themes, essays, reports, images, take-home 
    examinations, and other academic work." (8)
    Wood-Ridge Public Schools. "Grading Policy." Wood-Ridge Public Schools, 2014. Web. 20 August 2014.