• Grade 8 ELA Course Description:

          This course features a variety of literature, research, writing, and discussion. 

          In this class, you will read and analyze texts (fiction, non-fiction, short stories, novels, poetry, and informational texts—to name a few.)  Not only will we look at structure, context, and vocabulary, but we will develop the skills needed to identify these elements in ANY piece of writing.  Additionally, we will write with various purposes and formats (everyday).  This will involve research, MLA style, and lots of revision.  Ultimately, you will demonstrate your knowledge of the English Language Arts curriculum through written responses, conversations, and projects. 

          Expect to write enthusiastically, to read thoughtfully, to discuss openly, and to work diligently with your peers.


    Course 8100

    40% Formal Assessment (Tests, Quizzes)
    40% Performance Based Assessment (Projects & Writing Assignments)
    10% Classwork &Participation
    10% Homework & Other Short-Term Assignments

    Course 8101 (Honors)


    45% Formal Assessment (Tests, Quizzes)
    45% Performance Based Assessment (Projects & Writing Assignments)
    5% Classwork & Participation
    5% Homework & Designated Short-Term Assignments

    (NOTE: Please see the tab on the district’s Plagiarism policies.) 

    General Guidelines:

    *You need to come to class prepared with your supplies (three-ring binder, pen or pencil, and journal).

    *I do not accept late work. (Late is defined as after the class begins, not by the end of the day.)

    *Email is unacceptable for assignment submission.

    *Assignments will be posted on the school website; therefore, there are NO excuses for not completing tasks.

    *Electronic devices are to be used for academic purposes ONLY and at my discretion.

    Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions at mihle@wood-ridgeschools.org!-