• All homework assignments with their due dates can be found on your RealTime account. The date given for each homework below is when it is DUE! 
      No Late Homework will be accepted so make sure you always have your homework with you the day it is due. 
      General Expectations and Grading

      Grading Policy

      45% - Tests

      20% - Quizzes

      10% pop quizzes

      10% - Participation/ Classwork

      10% - Homework and Preparation

      5%- Khan Academy/ Project 


      I will update grades on a weekly basis. You can also find future assignments and assessments on Realtime as well.


      Classroom Expectations

                  In order to have a successful, fair, and organized classroom, the following expectations are established for our class.

      1. Students will show courtesy and RESPECT to teachers and school staff, your fellow classmates, and

      school property at all times by refraining from inappropriate language or defacing of property.

      2. Please be in your seat and ready to begin the Do Now when the bell rings.

      3. Come to class prepared - bring necessary materials to class such as book, notebook, homework,

      paper, pen, pencil, etc

      4. No talking when your teacher/peers are speaking.

      5. Raise your hand if you have any questions

      6. Electronic Devices - As per the Student Handbook, "any student using or displaying these items will have the item confiscated."

      7. Cheating, copying, or plagiarizing are completely unacceptable and will result in an automatic zero.