• 8th Grade Health

    Course Syllabus


    Mrs. Andrea Marino

    201-933-6777 Ext. 5610




    Course Description:


    The grade 8 health education curriculum is part of the Comprehensive Health and Physical Education program. Students engage in readings and hands-on activities which support the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual dimensions of wellness. An understanding of what factors in life add to the general concept of wellness. Through class participation and research, students explore the correct ways to react in different situations to solve a conflict properly. Emphasis is upon classroom discussion, research, and skill practice in critical thinking and problem solving. The course incorporates the use of technology and encourages students to research and use valid and reliable sources of health information.


    Materials Needed:


    ·        Textbook- Pearson Health

    ·        Folder

    ·        Journal

    ·        Pen/Pencil



    Topics to Be Covered:


    Making Healthy Decisions

    Managing Mental and Emotional Health

    Body Systems

    Building Responsible Relationships

    Conflict Management

    Preventing Abuse and Violence               










    Your grade for Health will be determined based on the following criteria:



    Graded Assignments


    40%     Formal Assessments

    40%     Project-based Assessments

    10%     Informal Assessments

    10%     Classwork/homework


    Classroom behavior


    You are expected to behave in a mature manner.

    -      Absolutely no disrespect to anyone

    -      No disruptions of any kind


    Any student who is disrespectful and/or disruptive will:

    -      Receive a warning the first time

    -      Each occurrence after warning results in receiving a teacher detention.





    Students must bring textbook and folder to every class. 


    Students that miss any class session are responsible for missed work. It is your responsibility to get the assignments or class notes, either from myself or from another student. This includes any absences due to illness, lab days, school trips, chorus and/or being excused by another teacher.





    -      Participation is expected on a daily basis

    -      All group activities and assignments must be completed





    Students are expected to be on time to every class. Students that are late will be given a warning that day. After your second tardy you will receive a teacher detention (10 minutes). Third tardy will receive a teacher detention (20minutes).