• Spanish II Syllabus

    Mr. Mojkowski

    Course Description

    The course builds upon the skills and vocabulary established in Spanish I. Vocabulary is expanded and a greater use of the target language in classroom conversation and discussion is emphasized. More complex grammar will continually be introduced throughout the course of study. The four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing will all be reinforced

    Grading Policy

    40% formal assessments (25% tests / 15% quizzes)

    40% performance based assessments (25% projects / 15% group assignments)

    10% in class performance tasks, class assignments, participation

    10% homework assignments

    Class Requirements

    Students are required to bring a notebook, a folder, a writing utensil, and their textbook to class on a daily basis unless otherwise notified.

    General Goals

    The course of study is geared towards enabling students to interact and communicate with others on a diverse amount of topics while expanding on known vocabulary and incorporating more advanced grammatical structures.