• Course Description:
    These courses are a semester course designed to provide the students with an advanced knowledge of the disciplines of art: art production, aesthetics, art history, and criticism with an emphasis on composition arrangement. Students will gain advanced knowledge of two and three dimensional design, and advanced drawing skills. Students' activities will be individualized dependent on each student's ability level.
    40% Formative Assessments
    40% performance Assessments
    10% Class work
    10% Homework
    Art room rules:
    1. Students will respect the teacher and fellow classmates: Students will always use proper language - no profanities, insults, etc.
    2. No food or drink in the art room: safety of materials and students
    3. No cell phones
    4. Proper use of materials
    5. No tolerance for insubordination
    6. Be on time 
    * All school rules apply in the art room