• Greetings parents, students and family members,
     My name is Mr. LaBelle and it is my privilege to teach music to your children! We have the challenge of working with sound, the only subject the students cannot actually see when working! That, however, does not stop us from singing, playing instruments, reading music and studying composers of yesterday and today. A majority of the students express a great deal of interest in working with music, and it shows. All of the students from first grade to third have been doing a wonderful job playing Folk songs on the xylophones. Songs played so far include Mary Had A Little Lamb, Row Your Boat, When The Saints Go Marching In and Jingle Bells to name a few. In class, we work on identifying the notes on the music staff, writing them in, and working in pairs on the xylophones. Working in pairs creates a friendly and competitive environment for the students to work together in order to help each other succeed at the challenge at hand. Pre-K and Kindergarten classes work on singing Folk songs from pictures while utilizing early life-lessons. An example of this would be using a picture of a river with a boat and a house, the students would sing Row Your Boat, and Over The River And Through The Woods, while reiterating the idea that we don't go in the water without an adult.
    It has been a pleasure to work with such bright students! Creating good work ethics while having fun is my goal!
    Any questions, comments or concerns can be directed to jlabelle@wood-ridgeschools.org 
    Spare instruments are always welcome!
    Mr. LaBelle