My name is Ms. Rodriguez and this is my seventh year teaching second grade at Doyle School (ten overrall)! I am so excited for my new batch of second graders! I graduated from Montclair State University in 2009. I have my Master's degree in Education (plus 30). I taught kindergarten in Hasbrouck Heights in 2009, and the two years that followed, I taught second and third grade at the Community Charter School of Paterson. 
    In order to promote higher level thinking and become fluent readers, it is critical that your child reads daily. Students will be assessed in the next few weeks to determine their new independent reading level using the Teacher's Writing and Reading Project. The students will also learn several reading strategies throughout the course of the year. I ask that you listen to your child read as much as possible. Going to the town library is a great way to enhance their love of reading. We will see gains if we form a partnership where we work together for the success of the children. Please make sure that you only sign the reading log, and your child writes the title and pages read. This will not only help them get into a routine, but also help them write book titles properly, and practice their handwriting. school