• This page applies to all students! 

    Supplies needed:
    1) Binder- notebook or loose leaf paper.
    2) Italian dictionary- must be brought to class everyday. 
    3) Pen, pencils, small scissors (with rounded edges) for in class projects. 
    4) A good attitude, an open mind and a huge BIG SMILE! 
    Class Rules

    1. Respect yourself, respect others, respect your teachers and the entire school community. Remember the three R's! 

    2. Be honest. Do your own work. Copying and plagiarizing are unacceptable and will result in a zero for the assignment.

    3. Keep your language clean. No cursing, name-calling, or teasing (even if you’re just kidding).

    4. Remain in your seat until the end of class. 

    N.B. Make sure you read the school handbook at the front of your planner. All school rules apply in this classroom. This includes the rule about food—no eating or cell phone use in class!


    (A review of the common sense stuff that it’s good to know.)

     *When you come to class, sit in your seat, get out your homework, notebook, and textbook we are currently using, and then get to work on the assignment (“do now”) on the board or previously discussed.

     *If there is a fire drill, you must be together with the class; especially once we are outside.  

     * Put your name on your notebook and folder, as well as all papers, handouts, notes, etc. Put your name, date, and class/ period on essays/ papers you are handing in.

     *Come prepared to class. Always have your notebook, your folder, textbook/handout we are using, and something to write with. Being unprepared will affect your participation grade. 

     *Do your best and hardest not to interrupt a lesson to ask to use the bathroom. This should be an emergency situation only. Remember to sign out and in when you go. Students who abuse the bathroom privilege -ask too often or disappear for too long)- will forfeit this privilege.

      Other important Policies:

    * I subtract 5 points if a project is one day late, and one points for each additional day.  Remember that I need a "physical" copy in my hand. I will not accept eletronic submissions.

     * You are responsible for making up work, including class work, if you are absent. See me before or after class if you need an assignment.

     * If you’re absent on the day of a test or quiz, or on the due date of a project, you are responsible for taking it/ handing it in the day you return.

     * Extra credit is assigned on an arbitrary basis. It is possible that I will not assign any extra credit, so focus on doing your work right the first time.

     Remember—You must earn your grade. 

     If you’re having trouble with anything—understanding the material we’re covering in class, writing a paper, doing research, time management, whatever—I’m always available to help. However, it’s up to you to figure out that you need help, and to ask for it. Do not wait and waste precious time that could otherwise be dedicated to correct the situation.

    I am looking forward to a productive enjoyable school year. Lets all enjoy this enthusiastic adventure and the discovery of Italy!