• Spanish IV Syllabus

    Mr. Mojkowski

    Course Description

    Spanish IV builds on skills developed in prior years of study while investigating in greater depth cultural topics of interest from the Spanish speaking world and at home. Students will develop greater understanding of world events and historical themes in the context of the cultural diversity of Spain and Latin America and their interactions with the United States all while using Spanish exclusively in all class activities.

    Grading Policy

    40% formal assessments (25% tests / 15% quizzes)

    40% performance based assessments (25% projects / 15% group assignments)

    10% in class performance tasks, class assignments, participation

    10% homework assignments

    Class Requirements

    Students are required to bring a notebook, a folder, a writing utensil, and their textbook to class on a daily basis unless otherwise notified.

    General Goals

    The course of study is geared towards allowing students the opportunity to communicate in Spanish while investigating a wide range of cultural issues and developments from the Spanish speaking world. As the program proceeds students will be asked to make connections between these issues and other areas of study while constantly striving to express themselves with greater accuracy. They will become more aware of different cultural perspectives and practices as well as products that they will encounter and interact with in their daily lives. Students will thus have a more fully developed world view and be more prepared to make future decisions regarding fields of study as well as career and travel opportunities.