• Early Childhood Development
    NJ Early Intervention
    Concerned that your infant or toddler (birth to three) is not meeting their developmental milestones, such as crawling, walking or talking? Use this site to recieve information and contacts for making a referral.
    American Speech-Language Hearing Association
    Provides information to the public about what you should expect of your's child's communication development.
    Rethink Autism
    This site provides free webinars and tips!

    Autism Speaks

    Explore this page to learn more about Autism.


    Parent Advocacy


    NJ Statewide Parent Advocacy Network

    Use this link to view resources and supports to help your child succeed.



    NJ Department of Education


    Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (HIB)

    Learn more about the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights



    NJ DOE Office of Special Education

    Find information about state policies and much more.





    The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources: A Program of Children’s Aid and Family Services

    This link provides workshops and supports offered to families in Bergen County each month.



    West Bergen Mental Healthcare

    Offers comprehensive mental health services including kid’s social skills groups.