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  • My Program Philosophy


    Wood-Ridge High School – AP United States History


    Dear Students,


    I would like to welcome you to AP United States History —an integral and fascinating course that I am excited to be teaching! Please continue to be involved in your education throughout the term. By doing so, you can help yourself succeed when you take the AP exam and maybe even enjoy learning something new yourself. And why not? The more we all know about History, the more we can make sense of the world today.


    Throughout the History course you will be using the text American Pageant. This textbook provides a complete history of the United States.  This text on history is told through an informative narrative, supported by reading questions that check your comprehension and special features that enliven the study of history. I will also supplement the course with DBQ’s and other materials.


    My goals for the course are to help you:

    ·       develop a strong understanding and appreciation of U.S. History

    ·       see how History fits into the larger scope of the world we interact with

    ·       understand how History influences life today

    ·       recognize connections between history and other social sciences

    ·       build a solid historical and academic vocabulary

    ·       develop thinking skills that support the ability to challenge assumptions, think creatively, and solve real-life problems

    ·       succeed when taking the AP exam

    ·       Have fun!!


    Honors / AP Grading:

     Marking Period Grading Scale:


    • 40% - Summative Assessments


                      (65% from tests and 35% DBQ Essays)


    • 40% - Performance Based Assessments


                      (20% in class assessments and 80 % from projects)


    • 10% - Class work (including participation)
    • 10% - Homework 


                   –      Either a Summative or Performance Based Assessment will be provided every 5 days


    I would appreciate your help in furthering these goals. Simply do your assignments and participate in class and this will go a long way toward your success! Thank you for being an important part of our class this year.



    Dr.Victor Minnocci