• Homework Week: 9/16- 9/20 
    *Wednseday 9/19 is aAck to School Night 7 pm in the classroom, then the pricipal's message at 7:40 in APR
    Writing: Monday- Letter Gworksheet, Tuesday- Letter M Worksheet, Wednesday- Letter L worksheet ,  Thursday Letter H worksheet 
    Reading- Practice September Sight Words with flashcards nightly 
                 -Read a story each night *Use the Reading A-Z website so your child can read independently  (Please try to send in the parent email signature page sent home to be connected) 
    As a parent, you are your child's first and most important teacher.  Make sure your child reads every day.  Reading, like shooting baskets and playing the piano, is a skill.  Like other skills, it gets better with practice.   Set aside some time each day for reading aloud or reading by themselves. Please have your child read at least 5 minutes a day and fill out the Reading Log on the back of the Ms. Goodlin's Homework Sheet. I will check by Monday the reading log so don't stress out if it isn't filled out every day if something pops up.