• A little bit about me: 

    My name is Mrs. Lorenzo. I started teaching at Doyle September 2020 amid the pandemic. I am currently the ESL and Spanish teacher for K-3 and teach 4-6 Spanish at the intermediate school. I was born in Galicia, Spain and immigrated to the US at 8 years old. We had extended family here and my father was always the adventurous type. My sister and I would spend our summers in Spain while we were growing up and still visit as often as we can. I am a proud mom to Sara (4) and Lorenzo (2) and have known my husband since high school.  

    ESL is very close to my heart because I was an ESL student when I came to the US. I remember the feeling well and can empathize with what our students are going through. If ESL is close to my heart, Spanish is my heart. I love the language, the culture, and sharing it with my students.